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Sunday, November 14, 2010

a photochallenge addict...

Come join Ashleys Scavenger Hunt Sunday, it is so much fun!

1. Self-Portrait
Love how you can photoshop yourself! Took this picture with a remote.

2. Handmade
My husbond made this wood Terrasse a few years ago – we love it and spend many hours there in summertime.

3. Orange
My neighbors halloween decoration.

4. Candle

Love candles and this song...

5. Traffic Signals or Signs

In Germany we can buy cheaper beers and soda than in Denmark, so today we went to buy a lot - we are going to have a big party soon. Took this picture when we went back over the border to Denmark.



  1. Great pictures! The terrace is awesome.

  2. Neat pics! Beauitful self portrait!

  3. Great set - I really love your selfie -aren't you beautiful!

  4. Photoshop yourself?? You totally don't need to!! Beautiful you, terrace (wow) and I love the candles...breathtaking!

  5. great candle shot... and I love that song too... my mom's name was Norma Jean... and she died young-ish... and she loved Elton John... =)