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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I see beauty in the world around me

It is sunday again – Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I love how these photo challenges makes me look differently at the world around me, how it makes me see beauty in things and places, places where I usually do not notice it. 

1. Bokeh

2. Business

3. Eco-Friendly

4. Repetition


5. Music


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fantastic free stuff...

I LOVE when people are so kind to share their great work. Here are two people whos work I really admire and love to use:

First is Jerry Jones from ShadowHouse Creations, he has the most amazing free textures, if you don´t already know him this is going to make you happy -  if you love textures. He also has great brushes and tutorials.
You can also visit him at Flickr.

Next is Rita from the CoffeeShop.
She is amazing too. Great free actions and tutorials.Go visit, I promise you will love it

Thank you both for being so kind!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The skye is the limit... or is it?

Today I went hunting for clouds. I felt inspired by a post from Divas and dreams, she had taken some really amazing shots at the beach. I love the simplicity in those photos and wanted to give it a try myself.

Now I like the first photo of the trees but the skyes looks better on the last photo, so I decided to cheat and merge them to one photo, here is the result.

I think these photos are great for Skywatch Friday, 
go have a look of skies from all over the world.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In a Yellow House Photo Challenge - TREES

I was looking forward to finding some beautiful trees, but the rain keept me inside today, so this is my photo for this week In a Yellow House Photo Challenge.

 I while ago I made a digitalArt collage with trees on, so i will show that one too.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A photo challenge (Scavenger Hunt Sunday)

So it is almost sunday again and I will be joining scavenger hunt at Ramblings and Photos,
This week we got back from France, so some photos are from there and some from here...

Leading Lines
I found my leading lines on the The Millau Bridge in southern France.
("The bridge crosses the River Tarn in the Massif Central mountains. It was designed by the British architect Lord Foster and at 300m (984 feet) it is the highest road bridge in the world, weighing 36,000 tonnes. The central pillar is higher than the famous French icon, the Eiffel Tower.")

Something Comfortable
We bought my daughter new boots for winter in France, they were apparently very comfortable
since she wanted to wear them in the heat.

We had a lot of fun taking pictures of my sons feet. He decided what to write, so we wrote "Belongs to Isac".

This is a panorama sight of the Lot River in France.

A friend of mine brought home a present for my daughter from her trip. It is a doll from asia that gives happiness. Isn´t she sweet?

Friday, August 20, 2010

In a Yellow House photo challenge - Arts-n-crafts

It was so hard choosing what to shoot for this task. It ended up being my wonderful old Indian stamps.

Macro Friday

 Today is friday so I decided to participate in Macro Friday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To catch a dog...

And I thougt that it was hard to "catch" young children on camera, (they usually make me run to get good shots) but that was before I met Hamlet! Hamlet is a 8 weeks old Golden Retriever and he had just arrieved to his new home (my parents house). So many new places to smell and so little time to stand still... I did manage to "catch" him, some photos were quite blurry - here are some of the successful ones.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A paper addicted graphic designer

Today I want to show you some of Sara´s work. Sara is a paper addicted graphic designer from Denmark and let me tell you – she makes wonderfull things with paper. Sara owns minimega where she works with graphic design and she also produces a serie of eco-friendly paper products. On her blog you can see much more and you can download these amazing DIY projects for free.

Go and have a look and tell me what you think – I love these Favor boxes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time for a cake!

Not long ago my little baby (not that little any more...) had her 1 year birthday, and that needed to be celebrated with a cake. Im still a beginner at making cakes and decorating, but getting better. Inside the cake there was raspberry mousse, Toblerone cream on a almond cake bottom. And is was very tasty...

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Ethereal

This week’s prompt at The Sunday Creative: Ethereal
Ethereal: adj 1.Celestial, Heavenly 2. Exceptionally delicate: airy, dainty 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is who I am { Food simplicity }

Divas and dreams Free Creative workshop

The assignment:
1. Choose one kind of food you really enjoy. Try to present your favorite food via the simplicity that only a photo can create.

2. Tell us a bit about why you love that food.

I am a FOOD LOVER! I love to cook food, taste food, to decorate food and to watch cooking shows on tv. It is a big passion, this year i added making cakes and decorating them to my hobbies.

For this assignment i choose strawberry. Not only do they taste fantastic they also look fantastic. We have the most delicious strawberry in denmark, and when they are is in season me and my family eat lots of them. We love them as they are, with milk (and sugar...) in/on cakes, with icecream, in salads, as jam, as juice - they are fantastic.

(my parent bought a very old house in france and restored it, in the house they found lots of old stuff. Some things were not worth saving, but also some pretty old stuff  as this beautiful coffee cup)

So this is France and i have to tell you a little about the food here. I love french food too. They have so much delicious food, much of it very simple but vey tastefully.
They have a different food culture than in Denmark, they often go out to eat, all the stores closes at 12 and people go out to eat lunch. And not just for one course, but often for a 3-5 course menu - gotta love that! (dont know how they do in the big cityies, this is the countryside)

So yesterday we went out for lunch to celebrate my brothers 27 years birthday. We got a 4 course menu and then you get 2 small starters before the 4 course meal starts! My ekstra food photo for this weeks assignment is the first starter on the menu (so it is actually number 3 since we got the 2 small starter at first...)

Dont you feel like eating it? ;-)

Scavenger Hunt sundag from france

Scavenger Hunt sunday from france
This week I am in France on vacation, visiting my parents and I have been driving my family nuts with this photochallange. But it was a lot of fun. (and a bit stressful too...)
So here we go:

I have to admit that my first two pictures is not from this week. they are taken in france but to months ago when we were here last. The boy is my son looking very thoughtful, the girl my daughter enjoying the sun. I love these pictures so i choose them for MOOD.

Something Masculine:
through this week i have been trying to convince my family to let me practice my portrait skills on them (i did not convince all of them...). so for the MASCULINE theme I have two pictures, one of my husbond and one of my dad. I am very happy with the result :-)

Something Feminine:
On this picture is my moms old ballet shoes and some of her beautiful crucifixes.

Your first or last initial:

My name is Dea so i have been looking for a D. I found it on the road signs here in france.

My parents live near the city of Conques that use to be a popular stop for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. This SOOC photo is the The Sainte-Foy abbey, a big and impressive church in Conques.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The In a Yellow House Challenge - "On the Road"

So this week I am on vacation in beautiful France. This is my photo for "The In a Yellow House Challenge" with the theme "On the Road"

Monday, August 9, 2010

What a great day...

Starting from today we are on vacation and what a great start. Went to deliver my mixed-media chair (shown in a previous post) –  I recieved The Versatile Blogger award from "Divas and dreams", i´m a big fan of Christina so it is a honor to recieve it. ♥ and had a great trip to the library with my son...

Part of winning the Versatile Blogger Award is listing seven surprising things about yourself and then pass the award to seven other bloggers. I´m packing for vacation now, so will be back with my list of seven things and seven bloggers.

Have a great evening...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Creative


The Sunday Creative, each Sunday, a new creative prompt; just one word.

 This week’s prompt:

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Just had to play along with Ashley Sisk Scavenger hunt. My first attempt and certainly not the last.

My interpretations:

1. Shadow or Silhouette
I´m not sure whether this is valid, maybe more a reflection in the water than a silhouette. I promise to be be back with better a shadow picture later on...

 2. Motion Blur
 We had a lot of rain so getting my son to jump the puddles was easy...

3. Magazine 
Love reading interior design magazines

4. Ten
You never get too old to play with chalk

5. Glass
A gift made of glass...