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Sunday, August 1, 2010

This is who I am { For the love of photo prints }

This is assignment number four for "Diva and dreams" free Creative workshop.

The assignment goes like this; 
1. Take/make a photo of a printed photo. The photo you choose can be your favorite, it can be one of your grandparents, a photo of you as a child, a photo someone else has taken, that you just love...everything is allowed, just make sure to include a photo :-) Find some creative way to portrait your photo.
2. In the written assignment, write a little about how you feel about photo prints, do you have a lot or a little, where do you keep them? In a box, album or all over the walls?

My written assignment:
I LOVE PRINTS and i love paper. I have boxes full of old prints and papers samples – matte, glossy, transparent, glitter Coated, uncoated, thin and heavyweight. Many years ago I use to stand in the darkroom making my photos, today  – and for the last 10 years – I have only done digital. And I must admit I have a bad conscience thinking about this assignmment, because a lot of my digital photos have never been printed. So I will make myself a promise to do something about that.

On friday when I read this assignment me and Poul had five year wedding anniversary. Can not believe how fast time flies. So I decided that my photo should reflect some of what happened in those five years.

A quick review:

· We got married one year after our first meeting! (perhaps a bit fast  
  you may think , but it felt right then –  and still does :-)
· We held the weddingparty at home, in the house that we just
  bought and had started to refurbish.
· We had Mitti the cat and just bought a little puppy Simba
· Today we also have to amazing kids, Isac and Alba
· Although life may seems hard some days, I have no regrets,
  I love my life and family, I will remember to appreciate that every day...


  1. what a gorgeous post! I also love the way you have displayed your photos for this assignment!

  2. I enjoyed your post and I love the way you displayed your prints!

  3. Georgeus...love the idea with the tree...looks amazing!!! Family are the the best :-)

  4. This is such a great way to display your photos for the assignment. The tree with the moss at the back really makes the photo. I moved across the world to live with my partner 6 months after meeting him - my family thought I was crazy, but it felt right too.