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Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is who I am { Food simplicity }

Divas and dreams Free Creative workshop

The assignment:
1. Choose one kind of food you really enjoy. Try to present your favorite food via the simplicity that only a photo can create.

2. Tell us a bit about why you love that food.

I am a FOOD LOVER! I love to cook food, taste food, to decorate food and to watch cooking shows on tv. It is a big passion, this year i added making cakes and decorating them to my hobbies.

For this assignment i choose strawberry. Not only do they taste fantastic they also look fantastic. We have the most delicious strawberry in denmark, and when they are is in season me and my family eat lots of them. We love them as they are, with milk (and sugar...) in/on cakes, with icecream, in salads, as jam, as juice - they are fantastic.

(my parent bought a very old house in france and restored it, in the house they found lots of old stuff. Some things were not worth saving, but also some pretty old stuff  as this beautiful coffee cup)

So this is France and i have to tell you a little about the food here. I love french food too. They have so much delicious food, much of it very simple but vey tastefully.
They have a different food culture than in Denmark, they often go out to eat, all the stores closes at 12 and people go out to eat lunch. And not just for one course, but often for a 3-5 course menu - gotta love that! (dont know how they do in the big cityies, this is the countryside)

So yesterday we went out for lunch to celebrate my brothers 27 years birthday. We got a 4 course menu and then you get 2 small starters before the 4 course meal starts! My ekstra food photo for this weeks assignment is the first starter on the menu (so it is actually number 3 since we got the 2 small starter at first...)

Dont you feel like eating it? ;-)


  1. love the strawberry photo - they're one of my favourite summer fruits too. The season is finished here in Germany, but it was wonderful while it lasted.

  2. OH MY that looks delish! My parents live in France, near Bergerac - the food is amazing! I love the photograph of the strawberries! You can't beat French fruit for freshness! x

  3. Yummy...it's a good thing my husband is making dinner right now. Otherwise, I might eat the screen.

  4. those strawberries look wonderful, and i love the mug they are in too.

  5. Such beautiful food photos! I love strawberries, too!