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Friday, August 6, 2010

This is who I am { hair flips } Workshop

So this is week 5 of "Divas and dreams" free creative workshop - so much fun!

1. To do a hairflip photo

2. For the written assignment, write some words about how you feel about your hair or hair in general.

This was so much fun to do. I am still new to my camera so it was a very good exercise in shooting movement. First time playing with shutter speed.

So what about my hair? My hair is very thick and curly and when I was younger all I wanted was thin straight hair, of couse... Now a flat iron will do, so sometimes I have curls and sometime i don´t. I´m really happy with that and no bad hair day can ruin my day.


  1. Love it - I'm thinking about trying this little experiment myself!

  2. Hold nu op det er fantastisk Dea!!!!! Jeg sidder her og stor griner...fordi det er så skønt, man bliver helt glad af at se på det :-)

  3. This photo is wonderful - love the sun lighting up the tips of your hair and the top. I have really thick hair too, although straight. When I was 18 I permed my hair curly. Guess we always want what the others have :)