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Monday, September 13, 2010

A few from the archives – Scavenger Hunt Sunday... or monday

Had to pull a few from the archives this time, there is also some new ones.

1. Landscape
This is taken some weeks ago when I was out hunting for clouds.

 2. Power Line
A new one from today

3. Newspaper
I made this little crown of newspaper for the Newspaper photo

4. Pose
This photo is form this summer, I swear he made this pose by himself ;-)

5. Hobby   
I love to paint too, this is a chair-project, a mixedmedia painting on a chair.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

busy busy busy week...

This week I have been so busy, not even time for blogging. I have started work again after 18 months of  maternity absence. So doing my best to catch up. (I work as a graphic designer)
I have also been preparing for a big art exhibition, the first exhibition of my DigitalART, so im very excited about that.  

And because I am totally unrealistic, I have also signed up for two online workshops! 
First one is Faiths SLR Class, im doing my best to keep up with the assignments, hope to post them next week. 
Visit Faith here, it is a great workshop. 


The other workshop is "finding YOUR joy" with Kelly Willette
The first week is about talking self portraits, a really big challenge that I have been working with today.
I can really recommendthis workshop too.

"this is the perfect opportunity to bust out your camera and capture your OWN beauty!
class topics include:
  • how to achieve a self-portrait
  • touching up photos in photoshop
  • photographing women (angles and body positioning)
  • capturing your portrait with your children
  • documenting your daily routine in photos
  • photoshop and elements tutorials (video)
  • videos on how-to use the camera

Here is a few of my self portraits:

And a funny face:

Did not finish my Scavenger Hunt Sunday photos, hope that I can finish them tomorrow..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I changed my mind – again...

Scavenger Hunt photos
So it is sunday again, and again I decided that I had to skip the Scavenger Hunt because I did not have the time... And again I changed my mind – and did it anyway...

Found this outside in the garden.

Yesterday we made strawberry sticks, you can se the post about that her.

What rocks my world is my family...


This week I had a post about adding colours to my home, this i one of the photos.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Strawberry Sticks does taste like summer...

Yesterday a colleague asked me about ideas for an easy desert. I think she needed the dessert for yesterday so I´m a bit too late... Sorry, hope you can use this another day, it tasted fantastic – something the kids love...  And me too ;-)

Strawberries on sticks with white chocolate and sprinkles on. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adding colors – without spending a fortune

A while ago I decided that our home needed some color adjustment, or more correctly said I wanted to add colour, preferably without spending a fortune. My husband does not interfere in my "silly" projects – as long as I do not tear down walls ;-)
So I started looking through magazines and online to get some inspiration. My home decor is an ongoing process, but for now I am happy with the result, can you guess my favorite color? 

Big pillow from Bilka, Pixels Wall storage with an attitude from Umlaute Design

Letteres from ALPHAart, DigitalART by me
I will do my best to always have fresh flowers...
I bought these very cheap bathmat at IKEA, they make a great hint of color. 
Have you guessed my favorite color?