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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adding colors – without spending a fortune

A while ago I decided that our home needed some color adjustment, or more correctly said I wanted to add colour, preferably without spending a fortune. My husband does not interfere in my "silly" projects – as long as I do not tear down walls ;-)
So I started looking through magazines and online to get some inspiration. My home decor is an ongoing process, but for now I am happy with the result, can you guess my favorite color? 

Big pillow from Bilka, Pixels Wall storage with an attitude from Umlaute Design

Letteres from ALPHAart, DigitalART by me
I will do my best to always have fresh flowers...
I bought these very cheap bathmat at IKEA, they make a great hint of color. 
Have you guessed my favorite color?


  1. Hmmmm...something tells me that your favorite color is red!

  2. This is wonderful sweetie...Your are a great stylist too :-)

    My guess; RED

    Happy weekend

  3. Wow, these photos (and the objects in your home) are beautiful.

    I'm joining you from Simplicity's SLR class. Super-excited to get started. Hope you'll visit my blog. www.mischiefandlaughs.blogspot.com

    (I'm also your newest follower.)