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Sunday, September 12, 2010

busy busy busy week...

This week I have been so busy, not even time for blogging. I have started work again after 18 months of  maternity absence. So doing my best to catch up. (I work as a graphic designer)
I have also been preparing for a big art exhibition, the first exhibition of my DigitalART, so im very excited about that.  

And because I am totally unrealistic, I have also signed up for two online workshops! 
First one is Faiths SLR Class, im doing my best to keep up with the assignments, hope to post them next week. 
Visit Faith here, it is a great workshop. 


The other workshop is "finding YOUR joy" with Kelly Willette
The first week is about talking self portraits, a really big challenge that I have been working with today.
I can really recommendthis workshop too.

"this is the perfect opportunity to bust out your camera and capture your OWN beauty!
class topics include:
  • how to achieve a self-portrait
  • touching up photos in photoshop
  • photographing women (angles and body positioning)
  • capturing your portrait with your children
  • documenting your daily routine in photos
  • photoshop and elements tutorials (video)
  • videos on how-to use the camera

Here is a few of my self portraits:

And a funny face:

Did not finish my Scavenger Hunt Sunday photos, hope that I can finish them tomorrow..


  1. These are great self portraits but you might be crazy to take 2 classes at once. I am struggling with just the one.

  2. Yes I know..now.. I am totally unrealistic, and two classes is too much, but I so much wanted to be in both of them and they where only in september, so I will just do my best to keep up :-)