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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My first photoshot!

I decided to participate in the contest that Photocare in Denmark has:  
Denmark's loveliest Diva

"The contest is not about finding the perfect model of the correct body measurements or the right height.
Beauty comes in many forms, shapes and ages. Therefore, all women between 16 and 100 years can participate.

We are looking for Denmark's loveliest Diva. How her personality - and charisma shines through in the photograph.

A true diva manages to celebrate her femininity and still remain his own. She dare to shine and stand by the fact that she is a woman. They say that happy women are the most beautiful and charisma comes from inside - that's what we want shines through in your photograph."

My sweet friend Judith agreed to model, and so I had my first willing model, since I usally photograph my children  –  and they don´t stand still for long. 
Well, it ended up with me being a bit stressed (or more...) paying more attention to the light and camera than my model. I must certainly practice some more in how to guide my model – that being said I am actually very pleased with my result, and very happy that I had a very beatifull and patient model :-)

Here are some of the results: 
(I think that the first one is my fave, and will be my contribution ti the contest.)


  1. WOW!! I love these shots.. You did a great job.. I also love the 1st one, But the 4th one is awesome also..

  2. Thanks, lets hope it is a winning shot, the prize is a trip to paris - and I would LOVE to go :-)