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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ahoy! Ahoy! 5 year birthday party with a pirate theme

My son Isac recently turned 5, and I had promised him a birthday party with a pirate theme. It was held in his kindergarten where all 22 children were dressed as pirates. A pirate had left a treasure chest for them, but only if they could prove they were real pirates.

· The first task was to look like and sound like pirates.
· Second task was to jump from "stone to stone" so they were not eaten by crocodiles
· Third task was to jump on one leg, it could be you if you get a wooden leg
· fourth and final task was to draw a treasure map
and then they got the treasure chest that was full of candy bags.
Isac had a great day – a big thank you to Line and Mette for helping me making a beautifully executed theme :-) 

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