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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This is who I am - part 1

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This is my first assignment - "This is who I am - part 1"

The written assignment:

I picked 4 things that means a lot to me.

The green vase

was a gift from a dear friend. It came with a story and reminds me of a time in my life that was hard to go through. Besides from looking beautiful with or without flowers, it symbolize to me that I got though it with help from very good friends and family.

The Heart Charm Bracelet

was a gift from my children on mothers day. Even though it was my husbond who bought the gift, it means a lot to me. My son is so proud of that he gave it to me - he tells everyone that it is a heart from him and that it says I love you mom. gotta love that :-)

My watch
For my weedding my husbond gave me a beautiful watch, that was stolen shortly after. I didn´t wanted a new one, cause it was to expensive for us to buy again.
So instead he gave me this watch as a present a few years later when i gave birth to our first child Isac.

Gold bracelet

was given to me on my weedding day. It use to belong to my grandmother.

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