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Friday, July 23, 2010

This is who I am - part 3 - celebrate emotions

This is part tree of Divas and dreams  free workshop.

The assignment:

1. Express the feeeling by taking a photo that symbolise that feeling. You can take a self portrait or you can use a model/friend and ask him/her to express it for you.

2. Write about why you think that feeling is the most dominant one at the moment. And reflect about what the strenght of that emotion is.

The written assignment:
When I first read the assignment last week I was sure that I would pick the word sorrow or sadness, because I just lost a dear friend. Sitting at the funeral crying my eyes out, the prist said that we should remember, that the reason why we feel so sad is because we also feel love, love for the one we lost. So eventhough I still fell very sad, I decided that my feeling in this assignment should be LOVE instead. LOVE to my friend I lost, and LOVE to the friends I still have. The have truely shown me what real friendship is about. I also feel a lot of LOVE around me - coming to me from my family and friends - so my word should definitely be LOVE.


  1. FANTASTISK Dea!!!

    I absolutly LOVE this photo!!!! It really made me smile :-)

    Dit bedste foto hidtil...det køre for dig :-)

    Hugs/ C

  2. beautiful, what a wonderful post for this assignment and so true! xx

  3. Just found my way here from Christinas blog. :) What a wonderful, true and emotional post. Gorgeous photo too!