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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fifty in 365

Skinned Knees

Now 2010 is almost gone and I decided to let me inspire by Christy from Skinned Knees in doing a Fifty in 365-list. 50 things I would like to accomplish in the next 365 days.

In 2011 I will,

1. remember to appreciate the things in life that matter

2. drink water with fresh lime or lemon every day

3. have lots of fun with my children

4. try to get outside everyday (not just the 3 steps to the car and back)

5. learn a lot more about photography

6. make new paintings

7. make a plan for my small digital Art buisness

8. kick myself in the butt and get the accounting for 2010 done

9. make some new digital Art for my shop

10. start and finish the house extension that we are planning

11. make my daughter a nice girly room - after the house extension.

12. keep doing my best to avoid being stressful

13. remember that it is okay to be sad sometimes

14. spend some more time in the kitchen with my son

15. delete everything on my computer, and then start over

16. take many many photos

17. smile

18. attend Divas and dreams photography workshop

19. learn how to make roses of fondant

20. spending time with friends and family

21. spending time with husbond without friends and family

22. spending time with myself

23. learn something new

24. make beautifull cupcakes

25. surprise myself

26. surprise others

27. be inspired

28. hope to inspire others

29. keep working on my blog

30. dance silly to loud music

31. being better at saying NO to things i dont want to do

32. find a new charity project that needs my help

33. make more sushi

34. learn to use "Final Cut" program for film editing

34. go on romantic weekend with husbond - without children

36. see Bon Jovi live in june

37. find out how to be better at organizing my things - so I can actually find them again

38. and then learing to be realistic...

39. sell baby stuff and other things I/we dont use

40. start taking pilates lesson again

41. enjoy the luxury of a massage

42. go on vacation with my family

43. visit parents in france

44. remember that I can only do my best

45. trust in, that I am the most qualified person to make my decisions

46. love my family to the moon and back

47. dance barefooted in summerrain (again...)

48. hopefully keep having a job where I can use my creative resources

49. listen to music that makes me sing very loud (promise to do it in the car - when im alone...)

50. remember to live in the moment, while creating the future, that I wish for me and my family

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